Ninja - IT Automation

Automated, proactive, non-invasive I.T. support that saves time, money and with less interruption to your business.

Included With Every Plan
  • Your I.T. Health at a glance
  • Managed patching
  • IT Automation
  • Non-Invasive support
  • Integration and expansion
  • Reporting built right in
  • Remediation
  • Security out of the box
  • Device Monitoring
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Real time network discovery and monitoring
  • Real time network discovery
  • ** Please note - requires a support plan to be in place. See the T&C's for more information.
  • *** Pricing is per end point.
  • **** Setup fee applies for network (eg per office location)
IT Automation Agent

Proactive, non-invasive support

  • I.T Health Dashboard

  • Network management

  • Endpoint Patching

  • Automation and scripting

  • Non-invasive support tools

  • Integration and expansion with 3rd parties

  • Security monitoring and remediation

  • Reporting

  • - and more …